Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

Whoa! It's the last day of 2014! I'm actually surprised with how quickly this year came and went! This past year has been pretty interesting here on my end; 1st full year out of college (I feel like I'm dodging class because I still can't believe I'm not in classes...) moved to 2 different apartments in the city of Philadelphia (and I finally settled in china town.) 

This year I've updated my site with quite a few photos, so in remembrance of the year, I've decided to do a throwback to all of my favorite photos of the year. These photos are subjects that I've grown to love, things that caught my eye, and people that at this moment in time, are my muses and perhaps best friends.

Here's to 2014, and to 2015 being a great year full of photos! (instax or not)