What I've been up to; Ophelia of The Waters

Hey guys! By now, most of you have seen my latest update and addition to my Ophelia Diaries series, Ophelia of The Waters. This addition comes a year after I started the series with The Drowning Girl; Ophelia which was probably one of my favorite bodies of work to date. With the new addition, I decided I wanted to give a glimpse into what I feel a modern day Ophelia would be like before her life with Hamlet. I imagined an ethereal, slightly sexual, and very dream like world where the fragile girl would grow up into the woman who saw no other exit, than a watery grave. I always felt like she deserved more than that. 


So the update for that series isn't a big one, but I've been playing with different ways of editing photos, whether that be in camera, in lightroom, photoshop, or even through my phone. One of my favorite on phone editing systems is the one that VSCO offers. I love the amount of control I have over the filters, the contrast, the tones, really just everything. And while I don't think I'm done with our girl, I feel like these edits will be the last we'll see of our flower girl.


Until next time,

Brendan Patrick